Timbers Bring Home the Cup

by Alden Felstiner

Last Wednesday, the Portland Timbers fan base held a celebration in the streets of downtown Portland. Thousands of people came out in the downpour to honor their local heroes, who won the cup for the first time.

When the players arrived at PDX on Monday at 4:00 pm, thousands of people were there to greet them. The small brigade of a was nothing compared to the amount of people that had a chance to get to up close with our nation’s champs.

Some students also had a chance to go and see the players during the day. I tried to see what Dig Editor Abe Asher had to say, but he responded with, “I have to write this thing about Trump.”

After Abe forced me to walk over to MST to talk with some other students who were more willing to talk. Nathan C. said that, “it was a lot of fun” and that “there was a lot of energy and people were chanting”. I asked Nathan what happened. He said, “we were at Pioneer Square and Broadway and a bus with all the players on it drove by and we followed behind it.” 

Long time Portland sports fan, David S. said that “it was exciting for Portland sports fans, especially for us young fans because is was the first time, at least in my lifetime, we had ever won anything.”

He said that there were around five or six thousand fans out there in the rain. David also went into detail about how he parked. He said, “I managed to park my Suburban in a compact parking spot and I had to get out on it passenger side. It was funny”. He added. We all know that David wild man, but I didn’t expect anything like that from him.

We all hope that this won’t be the last time that a Cup is raised in Portland. But I hope that people will keep this moment in their minds for a while, or at least until we are fortunate enough to have another championship team.