OES Upper School Reeling After Unprecedented Week

by Abe Asher

Throughout last week, the OES Upper School was put in an unprecedented position as multiple disciplinary cases — related and unrelated — came to the school’s attention.

The Discipline Committee heard a record seven cases — six about drug-related incidents — working through lunch and into evenings, and staying in session at one point past 8:00 PM.

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Highlights Of OES’ First Semester Athletics

By Peter Bloch

The end of the Semester marks the beginning of the latter half of our school year, and a whole semester of ‘Varks doing more great things. The our school athletics and academics have been on point during the last 5 months of school, so I wrote an article to share some of our sports recapitulations with you. Here is what I have compiled thus far:

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Reporting From Bubble Soccer

by Graham O’Connor

War. War never changes.

That’s what we’re learning right now at 8:18 on January 28th, as teams of OES students battle for dominance in the bubble soccer arena. It’s good old-fashioned, quick paced, friend-against-friend, brother-against-sister combat. Makayla McKinney Griggs goes for the ball, only to be rammed into the wall by Maya Caulfield, the moment being topped with a roar from the crowd.

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Skiing At OES

by Petie Wogan

I have received recent reports from a variety of sources that skiing is becoming the cool thing to do in the ever changing atmosphere of rowdy teenagers. I of course have to stay up to date on these changes and inform the general population.

Although I haven’t done any skiing myself since approximately the summer of ‘86, I have noticed that kids are commonly putting down their Nintendos and mad libs to head up to the “slopes” and “shred.”

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Playwriting: What Really Happens [TOP SECRET]

By Isabella Waldron

As first semester winds to a (long and tedious) close, so does the Senior elective of playwriting. Now, for those on the outside, the playwriting class might be something of a mystery.

First, I will attempt to paint a picture of what happens in this class. Picture episodes of The Office but now add in dancing images of Arnav. Still confused? So are we. Continue reading