Reporting From Bubble Soccer

by Graham O’Connor

War. War never changes.

That’s what we’re learning right now at 8:18 on January 28th, as teams of OES students battle for dominance in the bubble soccer arena. It’s good old-fashioned, quick paced, friend-against-friend, brother-against-sister combat. Makayla McKinney Griggs goes for the ball, only to be rammed into the wall by Maya Caulfield, the moment being topped with a roar from the crowd.

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Skiing At OES

by Petie Wogan

I have received recent reports from a variety of sources that skiing is becoming the cool thing to do in the ever changing atmosphere of rowdy teenagers. I of course have to stay up to date on these changes and inform the general population.

Although I haven’t done any skiing myself since approximately the summer of ‘86, I have noticed that kids are commonly putting down their Nintendos and mad libs to head up to the “slopes” and “shred.”

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Echoes Fiction Winners Pt. 2

The Memory Keeper [Fiction]

by Kailin Carter

Runner­-Up for Fiction in the Echoes Writing Contest

The Memory Keeper

        If anyone had been in the room, they would have seen him after their eyes adjusted to the pale orange sunlight blotted out by layers of gauzy curtains that hung over the single window. A man who worked in a way that was at once methodical and frantic, each movement intentional and precise, and yet with an intensity that would have seemed to onlookers, had there been any, to be that of a man who was sure he would not see another sunrise. They might have seen him pause to inspect an object on the dark wooden surface of the desk or make an adjustment to one of the sketches that clung uncertainly to the tabletop held down by smooth rocks or glass jars. If someone had been standing in the middle of the dark room they would have been surrounded by mismatched cabinets and dark wooden hutches. They would have seen jars of organs and animals suspended in yellowing alcohol, bright white bones that seemed to glow in the solemn room, bits of gold and jewels strewn everywhere, paintbrushes, teacups, and tools. If someone had been in that solitary room and if they had dared to look closely, past the man sitting at the desk, then they just might have seen the tiny portrait of a little girl with raven hair and bright eyes. However, no one else stood in the room, and the only eyes that gazed quietly at the soft face of the little girl belonged to the aging man.Read More »

Echoes Playwriting Winners

Flag Day [Screen and Playwriting]

by Isabella Waldron

Screen and Playwriting Winner in the Echoes Writing Contest

Flag Day

Scene 1:

LENA (19-20) sits at a dining room table with her head in her hands as her family talks loudly and quixotically over her. She is wearing pajamas and has her hair messily tied up. Her mother, Bianca, is quite beautiful, wearing a pink dress and a multicolored, rather loud necklace. Her father, Albert, is a bit plump with graying hair and a nice shirt and sweater vest. Her grandmother, Francis, is dressed in a modest black skirt and shawl. The three (FRANCIS, ALBERT, BIANCA) speak in unison over LENA.

Albert: Lena! How could not tell me that you’d invited a real American boy over? Bože, pomoz mi!

Francis: He better not be from the California….The land of sun and sin, I tell you.  Read More »