Understanding Friday’s X-Period

By Peter Bloch

“Nowadays our X-Periods are just fancy Chapels,” says student Daniel P., new member of the Aardvark Dig. OES’ Policy Board is trying to fix that issue tomorrow by hosting a series of workshops. Each of these workshops are designed to teach students more about the community through facilitating discussions instead of feeding us an hour of information we’ll soon forget.

“We value community feedback,” said Regina L., a senior representative on Policy Board. In our interview, she told me that there were many reasons for holding Friday’s X-Period, but the first and most prominent was to receive feedback from the community. For the many upcoming projects and goals, they first hope to find out what the community needs before moving further, to keep up the communication between the student body and the student government.

In terms of what workshops will be held, Jordan Elliott is not going to be giving his “State of the School” address, so for those interested in learning about the upper school’s money can join Steven C. and can attend the “finances” workshop to discuss the financial plans for the OES US. Please note that this is a double period, so those interested in taking this workshop should not plan on taking any others.

Jared C. and Regina L. will be discussing OES’ drug and alcohol policies. Jared C. is also a Disciplinary Committee representative, so those interested can ask him questions about the consequences and potential issues that may arrive through the drug and alcohol policy.

Simon H. and Jennifer L. will be addressing the dress code, so those interested in finding out about the dress code or potential amendments, should look into attending.

Lastly, Jeff D. and Annie C. will be discussing the dorm and day student relationships and how to potentially strengthen the blend and diversity throughout the friend groups.

All workshops are designed to be a quick overview with potential facts and statistics, but made to really take flight through discussions, so I urge all US students to remember that you will only get out of the workshops what you are willing to put in.

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