The Story Behind the Paper Cutouts in the Language Wing

by Isabella Waldron

If you’ve ever passed through the language wing (which I hope you have or else your graduation requirements might be sufficiently lacking) you may have noticed the odd assortment of painted paper human cutouts on the walls.

I first noticed these in my freshman year and assumed they were some part of the Senior theme. I was surprised then when I returned in my sophomore year to find the same painted faces staring down at me on my way to practice the Spanish subjunctive form.

Now, some of these cutouts have been plastered with pictures of Deri’s face — remnants from the legendary and Mo Copeland-praised Senior prank of 2015. So, what are these then and where did they come from? Are they such a cornerstone of OES that they cannot be removed or did we just kind of forget about them and leave them up there?

According to Sue Jensen, the cut outs were a result of an art class taught by Jack O’Brien — a former art teacher at OES who taught for 30+ years here. O’Brien replied that they are, in fact, “loosely” self-portraits from an Advanced Drawing class done in Spring semester somewhere between 2006-2010.  I don’t think the art class had intentions of using their pieces as immortal decorations yet they still stand (or sit, lie, yoga pose depending on the artist’s choice).

Dana Mosher-Lewis says she thought they were put up as a way to liven up the hallways but nobody can figure out how to get them down now because they’re so huge.

It seems we will live forever beneath the watchful gaze of alumni’s self portraits (and Deri’s picture). Who knows…Maybe Cameron Jack’s got something up his sleeve for Advanced Drawing this year…

Here are some of my favorites and my predictions for what they ended up doing in the future:

Running one of those cuddling businesses where you just pay someone to hold you. image2

Teaching at CorePower Yoga in the Pearl. image3

Won American Idol Season V.

image1 (1)

The REAL stars of “Dirty Dancing” (Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey were their stunt doubles). IMG_3009


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