Dorm Billiards

By Alex Finley 

Many of you already know about the fiercely competitive billiard games that go on in the dorms from the article by ex-Dig author Alden Felstiner. As a members of the elite class of pool players in the OES dorms, Daniel “The Caramel Prince” T., Daniel “Big D” E., and myself would like to invite any prospective billiard players to come test their metal in a pool tournament that will take place next friday.

Of course there are some potential underdogs that you may want to watch out for in this tournament. Cal S., dubbed “Baby Bro” by David L., has been a consistent threat, even climbing the ranks to 6th. Seniors Rowan B. and Josh W. are raw talents and potential contenders. Simon Mehari and Jeff D. sit at the bottom of S class, so we can only assume that they will get swept. Luckily, the tournament will be open to all semi-talented OES billiards players and we look forward to seeing some new faces.  

In other news, the pool rankings have finally been overhauled. Daniel T. will no longer be the only deciding vote and rule maker. We now play without slop, so players must make the shots they intended: luck is right out. The top three players make the final call on any rules and arguments, while the top five are considered voting members. Think NATO, just pool. Any people out within the OES community that believe themselves good at pool now have the opportunity to challenge any A rank members to place themselves, then must win best of five against S class rank 10 to move into the upper echelon of pool players. Now, it is possible to prove oneself to become ranked, not to only be friends with Daniel T.

Once more, on behalf of the billiards elite, I would like to invite you all to the tournament on Friday, January 22nd. Let the competition begin!

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