Spoiler Wars

by Graham O’Connor and Daniel Park

I want to make one thing clear before I start: “The Force Awakens” was not a bad movie.

The actors and actresses all did excellent jobs. The impressive special effects are nod to the classic Star Wars films, with the simple scene transitions and real –not CGI– alien costumes. It promises to be an exciting beginning to the new trilogy.

Unfortunately, that’s where the positive ends. There are many glaring issues standing out in TFA, the chiefest of which is that TFA is a complete rehash of A New Hope.

————————-WARNING: SPOILERS BEGIN————————–

I’m not kidding when I say this either; it’s like someone took the script from A New Hope, translated it into Chinese through google, and then translated it back to English and called it “The Force Awakens.” Yet again, we have a quirky droid carrying top-secret information on a desert planet, who eventually encounters a force-sensitive loner who gets tangled up with the rebellion. Oh, and there’s another deathstar (AKA the “Starkiller”) that gets destroyed when the rebels launch a small assault on it’s one tiny weakness. When will those silly I̶m̶p̶e̶r̶i̶a̶l̶  First Order engineers learn?

At first, I enjoyed it. I thought that it was just subtle tributes to the original films, with BB-8 rolling through the desert, carrying a map of the location of Luke Skywalker (who has exiled himself after an incident at his own Jedi academy). I won’t lie; my heart skipped a beat when the Millennium Falcon came onscreen. However, I started to get tired of the “subtle tributes: when we see a Sith apprentice talking to a giant hologram of his master, or when the rebels (why are there even rebels anymore?? They WON the war!) are planning their attack on the starkiller, and Han Solo is all like, “no worries, there’s always a tiny little weak spot on those things.”

However, the repetitiveness wasn’t the only issue.

If they were going to recycle the first film, they should have at least made this one as good. The film has a very disappointing ending; the First Order is pretty much annihilated, Rey stares at Luke for a solid five minutes, and it’s a pretty unsatisfying ending in general. One of the great things about A New Hope is that not only is it a great way to start a trilogy, it’s a great movie by itself, something that TFA unfortunately lacks. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s going to be a trilogy, and it will probably make a lot more sense, blah blah blah, but I’m calling it how I see it here.

I know that TFA has gotten a lot of critical response, but I think there’s a reason for that; I don’t think that we wanted this movie to be a disappointment. Take the Star Trek movies, for example. Star Wars has a kind of lasting effect that Star Trek just didn’t have. Even before TFA was announced, we still had Star Wars everywhere, with toys, TV shows, comics, and the like. It was still popular, and people still liked it. Star Trek, on the other hand, was a little dated. It didn’t have the same momentum or fanbase. So it’s really no surprise that Star Trek didn’t receive the accolades that TFA is getting.

In conclusion: TFA was not bad. That being said, it’s a big disappointment too. It was a good attempt, but a good attempt doesn’t make it a good movie.


I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan. I haven’t watched the 6 movies more than twice, and I do not have a ton of Star Wars goods in my room. There are many people who understand the franchise better than me.

Nevertheless, Star Wars is here. After 10 years of dormancy, the force has awakened. The Force Awakens has brought joy to inhabitants of Earth. Despite all the excitement, Graham O. bashes on the movie for its plot similarity to A New Hope right away. In film, it is hard for a piece of work to receive good feedback when repetition is often. I cannot claim its originality; however, the new movie J.J. Abrams presented was “Star Wars” itself. Not only does the film has a style of the older films, but also provides hope for a wide new world. TFA featured the flawless collaboration of the newcomers and the oldies. Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Finn’s (John Boyega) first coordination was stable and the return of Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) was moving, but did not put any pressure on the newer casts, making the perfect balance. In addition, Adam Driver played a successful and new villain called, Kylo Ren. Let’s not forget the cute little BB-8 droid being reminiscent of a soccer ball rolling through the desert.

TFA is the 7th addition to the Star Wars franchise. As a result, many people have already watched the previous movies. Nonetheless, the movie creates a perfect environment for people jumping into the action for the first time. As J.J. Abrams said, “We didn’t have to come up with a backstory that would make sense; it’s all there. But these new characters, which Force is very much about, find themselves in new situations—so even if you don’t know anything about Star Wars, you’re right there with them. If you are a fan of Star Wars, what they experience will have added meaning.”

Even if you are a long time Star Wars fan, you wouldn’t be left out of this hype train. “J.J. Abrams did a stellar job with the movie. The plot is fantastic; the cinematography makes every shot dynamic yet not Bayham style overwhelming,” said Howard Z., the leader of Films & Cinema club. I very much enjoyed the film. In spite of high hopes, I believe the film met its expectation. Honestly I couldn’t have asked for more. It contained the best of the previous films and brought new hope for a even better trilogy. 


What did you think of the new star wars? Let us know in the comments!

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