A Scavenger Hunt For The Ages

by Isabella Waldron

On Wednesday afternoon, Abe Asher and I set out on a harrowing mission to win a vast treasure trove of $50 for a semi dinner.

“I love scavenger hunts,” Abe said.

We sprinted to Area 51 where we attempted to take the clue with us before Robin Schauffler tore us off the paper slip.

Untangling a web of words, we solved the anagram and ran to the math office where we were then directed to Suzy Gundle’s office in Admissions. This is where the trouble started.

As we were on our path to success, we saw fellow Aardvark Dig members, Johnny Seabright and Jethro Swain ALREADY on their way back. We paused in shock for a moment: How had they escaped The Dig to secretly scavenger hunt before us? Was this an act of mutiny?

“Apparently Graham O’Connor and several other writers were also on the trail, what can I say, we run a tight ship that’s how we became number one,” boasted Abe.

With time running out, we decided to chase after them. What we found next was devastating: there, at the desk of Arleene McCabe were five students….hungry for the prize and willing to kill.

I must say that I had a brief moment of genius here and quickly discovered the next clue on the desk of Chris Meyers, sitting unattended. Now, I could have taken the clue and hid it from everyone and the prize could have been mine. I took a breath and meditated briefly and decided to follow my power for good and leave the clue.

Instead, I pushed past the five other students in the hallways, knocking them to the floor with my brute strength and determination.

“I was surprised to see Isabella club Zach L.,” Abe said, “but I later found out that she thought Zach was hiding a clue in his hair.”

Deciding that three Aardvark Dig writers were better than one, Abe and I teamed up with Johnny to conquer the hunt. We ran the fastest I’ve ever run to the office of AD Dennis Sullivan and then found Chandler W. had somehow snuck up on us and beaten us there.

“I admit, I expected tough competition. While I admit that I thought it’d be Vikul G. hiding in a locker, I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be dealing with Chandler “My Dear” Watson,” Abe says.

The next clue was the worst. “Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side,” read the clue.

We thought we’d outsmarted StuCo we searched until we found the chicken coop, hidden behind Peter Langley’s greenhouse. With Chandler hot on our trail, we searched through every crevice until we concluded that a) someone had stolen the clue or b) StuCo had failed to place the clue. The thought that we were incorrect did not occur to us.

As it turned out, we were incorrect. As we stood pondering chicken clues and where on earth this clue might be, one of us — me, if you ask me, Johnny if you ask Johnny, “It was actually me,” insisted Abe — had the brilliant thought that the clue was hidden with Julie Sikkink.

Julie calmly handed us the last clue in her office, unaware of the exhaustion and trials we had faced in the last thirty minutes.

“I was doubled over, I hadn’t run that much since the War of 1812,” said Abe.

This was it….We had succeeded.  That is, until Johnny realized he had lost some of the letters along the way.

Without (major) panic, we thought through the clues and letters until we discovered the secret location:


After the race of a lifetime, we had been redeemed. Did we win? We still don’t know….Time will tell. If we do win, we are planning on splitting the prize evenly between us — which will result in a whopping allowance of $16.60 for each of us. McDonald’s, here we come!