Statement on Letter Publication

Recently, questions have been raised surrounding the potential release of the letter on bullying and harassment sent to OES administrators over winter break. We, the editors of the letter, feel it is important to keep the student body informed on an issue that is of concern to the entire OES community.

Our utmost priority is to honor the privacy of people whose personal testimonies are included in the letter. We feel it is unproductive to focus on the details of specific situations mentioned in the letter; rather, we must focus our attention and effort on examining policy around harassment and bullying at OES.

For these reasons, we have made the decision not to release the full text of the letter.

We believe the content published in the recent dig article (found here) gives sufficient information regarding the nature and content of the letter. Releasing the full letter would dishonor our commitment to student privacy and, in our opinion, would not further support or improve conversations surrounding bullying and harassment at OES.

While we realize this decision will be disappointing to some, we feel, after much discussion, that this is the most appropriate course of action. We will be holding a students only lunch meeting in the near future to discuss this decision, and we welcome your questions and comments. Please review or re-read the recent Dig article before coming to the meeting.

Your interest and engagement around the letter over the past week has been inspiring. We look forward to continued dialogue between students, faculty, and administration about how to improve and enforce policy around bullying and harassment at OES.


Nathan Carpenter

Regina Logan

Claire Pinger

Naomi Zhao