Highlights Of OES’ First Semester Athletics

By Peter Bloch

The end of the Semester marks the beginning of the latter half of our school year, and a whole semester of ‘Varks doing more great things. The our school athletics and academics have been on point during the last 5 months of school, so I wrote an article to share some of our sports recapitulations with you. Here is what I have compiled thus far:

Our ever-improving, vicious girl’s soccer team completed a crushing season with a 16-2 record as they claimed state and a #1 ranking on their road to stardom. These girls practiced hard, and their determination showed as they beat Catlin Gabel 1-0 in the final match. Mikaelah M. 16’ earned player of the year, while many of our other girls claimed spots on all-state teams.

Speaking of intensity, the boys soccer teams also had a winning season with their 15-3-1 season landing them a #2 ranking. Although they didn’t win state, I’m sure that next year we will continue to play our hearts out, and try to live up to the example that Jonathan D. ‘16, player of the year, has set.

OES women’s volleyball played well this year with a 16-7 record putting them at 9th overall in our division. This is by no means a bad ranking, and those players’ effort seems to have payed off in the long run.

Lastly, our OES basketball teams (both men and women) are playing hard, and their seasons are coming down to the wire. I highly encourage everyone reading this (Yes, you!) to come to an upcoming game to cheer on our athletes. Both the boys and girls play games at Riverdale on the 30th, and at home on Feb. 2nd vs. Rainier in their next couple games. Good luck to both of our teams!

These were the highlights of all our OSAA sports this fall, and we still wish only the best to our teams that are still finishing their season strong. Thank you to all who have helped, or have participated in one or more of our sports programs here at OES. Our athletes have shown poise and confidence throughout their seasons and their classes, and I wish only the best to everyone as we go into our next semester.

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