Rating Midwinter Madness

By Elie Doubleday

Midwinter Madness is one of those highly anticipated events each year when the student body is waiting on the edge of their seats to find out what the theme is and how nice our shirts will be. People get excited to send crushes that will never be drunk and watch people publically embarrassed with Gorilla Grams. This year was no different from any other, and since it’s my final year here, I figured I’d rate the themes and videos of the past four years of Midwinter Madness.

Midwinter Madness Themes Rated:

  1. Hogwarts/Harry Potter: This theme was, by far, the best. The theme tied perfectly with the non-profit we were supporting: Pigs for Peace (HOGwarts… get it?). The activities during the opening ceremony actually made sense (some version of quidditch with people riding mallet things around the gym kicking a ball). Plus, I happen to be a massive Harry Potter nerd.
  2. Ancient Greece: making the grades into Gods is not a bad idea. The Gods were chosen reasonably well too (although arguably the junior grade should have been Hades). And the Camions of Care logo looks Greek-ish.
  3. Alice in Midwinter Wonderland: this one had a good combination of the theme and the words “Midwinter Madness.” It was also the year bunny hugs were introduced (still debatable whether bunny hugs are actually needed or if we should have just stuck with gorilla grams).
  4. Memewinter Madness: I don’t actually know what happened this year. Some people think it was funny, but it was also pretty cringeworthy. Highlights included Rob Orr wandering out into the gym in a dinosaur outfit looking somewhat dazed and Tom Handel swinging from the rock wall on a gray yoga ball dressed like Miley Cyrus.


Midwinter Madness Videos Rated:

  1. Hogwarts (again): Sue Jensen played Professor Trelawny and we all realized whoever cast the Harry Potter movies really missed out. We were also treated to Peter Langley’s face appearing on the back of Art Ward’s head. And don’t forget how the MWM team rounded up every redhead on campus (except Isabella Waldron who was mysteriously absent) and made them play the Weasley family (pretty sure that group was 95% female).
  2. Ancient Greece (also again): Though this wasn’t a reenactment of a classic movie, it was a reasonably funny leadup to the assembly, with the theme secretly passed along through various Ancient Greece scenes. This year had the best technology with some awesome intense music playing. Highlights include student body president Cyrus J. smiting trivia-master Maya C., Cerberus, the three-headed dog played by Anna B.’s (‘18) dog with some stuffed dog heads attached to its collar, and Mr. Edge, sorry Hades, banging the door open and almost scaring himself (you’ll see it if your look closely). I might also be biased because my sister debuted in this video.
  3. Memewinter Madness: I actually don’t remember this video, but according to Chris Myers it featured people standing in the Great Hall, staring at the poster while trying to figure out what a meme is. This sounds accurate. Also there was some video released around this time starring Dylan G. ‘14 giving birth to Brooks Y. ‘14 and Michael B. ‘14 which most people found highly entertaining.
  4. Alice in Midwinter Madness: I don’t remember this one either. Again, Chris Myers filled me in a little, telling me he thinks this one had Sydney S. ‘15 as Alice with Daniel S. ‘15 running around downtown method-acting as the Hare. I remember none of this.

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