Reporting From Bubble Soccer

by Graham O’Connor

War. War never changes.

That’s what we’re learning right now at 8:18 on January 28th, as teams of OES students battle for dominance in the bubble soccer arena. It’s good old-fashioned, quick paced, friend-against-friend, brother-against-sister combat. Makayla McKinney Griggs goes for the ball, only to be rammed into the wall by Maya Caulfield, the moment being topped with a roar from the crowd.

For those unfamiliar with bubble soccer, it’s a Midwinter Madness tradition. In essence, it is soccer, except now the players wear large bubbles for protection and attack each other like rambunctious rabid rhinos on Relafen.

There doesn’t seem to be much structure or organization to the event; teams are paired up and go all out in a 5v5 match. Each team gets two games. After about four minutes of running, dashing, and bashing, students leave their sweaty, bubble armor and swap out for another team.

Students pay to play bubble soccer, and all proceeds go towards Midwinter Madness. Students are required to wear Midwinter Madness shirts as their jerseys, making this a great fundraising event. Fortunately, there were no concussions this year (that’s for you, Chris Myers).

(For those of you who didn’t get that, Chris Myers got a concussion last year)

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