Senior-Faculty Basketball Preview

by Jethro Swain

Next Wednesday, February 3rd, is the long awaited annual Senior-Faculty basketball game.

The Class of 2016 team shows promise, with a lot of athletes from other sports and about a dozen from the basketball program who will be looking to fill the stats sheets. Rachel H. will no doubt shoot 20 pull up threes and make 19 of them, only because she was tackled while shooting the 20th by Chris Myers.

David S. will be so amped up that he might break his hand slamming the wall along the sideline, but still play through the pain. Steven W. will take the most ridiculous shots you’ve ever seen, and Evan L. might dunk, whereas Jane S. will attempt to dunk because, according to the roster, shes 6’ 3”.

I’m also excited to watch the entire crew of senior varsity soccer players to think only use their feet during the game, and for Josh W. to yell out “tekkers” every 20 seconds. Speaking of varsity soccer players, faculty watch out for Rowan B. to come in with a slide tackle if he gets the ball stolen from him. Charlie G. said about the senior team that “we’re going to get a little bit rowdy.”

When asked if he was excited for the game Ben K. said “I don’t even know when it is, I didn’t fill out that thing. I don’t know.”

While the senior team looks strong, the faculty team has some star players of their own. Chris Myers now has varsity coaching experience under his belt so now doubt he’ll be even more confident than years past. Coach Kirk will be there and if he misses any of his shots I’ll make sure never to let him forget it.

Rumor has it that CT Henry has a chance to play. If he does he’ll drain threes in seniors faces, and then turn to the crowd and tell me my essay needs to be more nuanced. Maria McIvor might make a shot on the wrong hoop again, and I wouldn’t be surprised Catherine Molloseau steps up and drops 50 with the laws of physics on her side.

The current donation score is $160 for the faculty to $205 for the seniors, making the score 16 to 20 in favor of the seniors. So far it’s a much closer race at “the ATM” as Chris Myers referred to it, so it might come down to pure basketball skill to decide who wins this year.

Everyone should come and watch this Wednesday right after school at 3:20. There’s an admission fee of $5 but all the proceeds go to Camions of Care. I might be commentating with fellow junior Andy “Shablagoo” S. or maybe Simon M. will be commentating, who really knows, but everyone will have a great time.

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