Skiing At OES

by Petie Wogan

I have received recent reports from a variety of sources that skiing is becoming the cool thing to do in the ever changing atmosphere of rowdy teenagers. I of course have to stay up to date on these changes and inform the general population.

Although I haven’t done any skiing myself since approximately the summer of ‘86, I have noticed that kids are commonly putting down their Nintendos and mad libs to head up to the “slopes” and “shred.”

I went straight to the source starting off with avid skier Elliott N. who makes some ridiculous claims about the stuff he does on the mountain, “It’s a lot of fun and a good way to make friends with people in other grades than your own”

Elliott then went on to encourage a lot of people to join the ski club, especially because a lot of seniors will be graduating next year. As Elliott went on to describe his experiences, the inexperienced sophomore skier Ian H. chimed in from the background, “It gives me a chilling vibration”. Ian did not delve any deeper into the topic, but I think this quote sums up skiing adequately.

Lucas S. seems to be the reasonable one who tells people the reality of all the flips and stunts Elliott claims he completes with ease. Lucas also added, “It’s really about the memories you make along the way”

Whether it is getting chilling vibrations, making some lifelong memories, or doing olympic level stunts, skiing is a great way to get out of the house and experience the crazy thing we call life!

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