Student of the Week [Spirit Squad]

Alex Olander, a 6’4 combo guard for the OES basketball team and a ferocious tennis player with strong serve, has earned student of the week honors, presented by Spirit Squad. Olander, also known as “AO” by his peers and coaches, stepped up his game recently. Against Riverdale, Alex came to play, slashing to the hoop with confidence. When Riverdale’s defense sagged inside, Alex was not afraid to launch threes. Alex led a fourteen point comeback in the fourth quarter and helped the Varks tie the game with 12.6 seconds to go. Unfortunately, Riverdale ended the game with a game winning lay-up, but Alex will not let that derail him from his playoff goal. Alex is intent on claiming that final playoff spot and his play in the next few games will dictate the future of the OES Aardvarks.

Kyla is a sophomore at OES high school. She is a post player on the girls varsity basketball team. She’s a super nice kind hearted person. She enjoys all school, and hanging out with her friends outside of school. She also enjoys playing tennis. Keep up the good work Kyla!!!

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