The Joel Gray Incident

By Musa Tahir

Graham O’Connor and Jordan A. chat Joel Gray on google chat. The tale of how these lucky and brilliant boys acquired Joel on google chat is quite interesting and I feel it is my obligation to share this amazing story. Joel Gray (yes, the man himself) stated, “Uhhhh, it confusing because they are not currently in my class … but um overall, I um think they’re some funny guys.” Graham O’Connor stated, “It was easy, like breaking a toothpick.”

Last year, relatively early in the school year, Graham and Jordan actually requested Joel on chat. Graham stated, “I don’t think Joel payed much attention to his chat … I don’t think he even cares because he didn’t know how to accept my request … My request didn’t make much of an impact. I mean, Joel probably doesn’t even know how to make a status.” One day, while in Joel Gray’s class, Life in Community, Graham told me that he and Jordan, “noticed a rookie mistake… Joel had left his computer up on the projector projecting his email.” Graham proceeded to go up to Joel’s computer and accept the request.

On the other hand, Jordan A. became a “chat buddy” of Mr. Gray a little differently. Jordan A. has unfortunately refused to provide me with any information regarding this topic for reasons still unknown to me. Nonetheless, Graham and Jordan have truly accomplished something that most students would dream of doing. These two daring students are the only students ever to have Joel Gray on google chat in what I would estimate his 500 years of being at OES.

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