Evaluating the OES Student Body Presidency


by Abe Asher

As we approach the beginning of March, we approach a new election season here at OES. Policy Board is currently working on setting an election calendar for 2016 for a number of positions.

Most notable across those positions is the role of Student Body President. The Presidency is the most visible elected role at OES, and this upcoming election will be the second held since both the voting system was reformed last year.

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An App Store Scam

by Peter Bloch

Many of you may have heard of Madden Mobile, the current 9th best grossing app on the Apple App Store and #1 simulation game. The goal of the game is to build a fantasy NFL team that is usable to play friends and compete online. This game has taken the App Store by storm since its update in late August, and has been continually growing in popularity.

However, this game is a SCAM!

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Stuffed Animal Chapel Review

by Elie Doubleday

Of all the chapels we have, I’m pretty sure the stuffed animal chapel is my favorite. Every year I’ve brought my stuffed dog, Whitey, and now he comes along to support me through the hardships of second semester senior classes as well.

This year, I seriously considered wearing my onesie (because at this point, who cares?). So in honor of my final Stuffed Animal Chapel, I shall be doing a review of it.

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The Benefits of a Five-Day Weekend

by Elie Doubleday

I have been looking forward to our five-day weekend ever since winter break ended (which, for the record, was six weeks of waiting). I understand weekends to be the highlight of student’s weeks (although I realize this doesn’t apply to everyone), and as a second semester senior, I quite enjoy my days of not being in school. Additionally, I’m the rare type of student who prefers to do my weekend homework on Friday after school (or in the case of the five-day weekend, on Wednesday after school) allowing me to spend my weekend however I want.

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An Objective and Definitive Ranking of Girl Scout Cookies

by Isabella Waldron

February is a month of Hallmark Valentine’s cards, chocolate, and most importantly, Girl Scout Cookies. Our own resident Girl Scout, Cara S., started selling the cookies sometime in December and I immediately overtook her in the hallways to order my five boxes. This week was the ultimate payoff as many multicolored boxes of the treats started popping up around the hallways.  In honor of the glory that are Girl Scout Cookies, I’ve created a ranking of Girl Scout Cookies from best to worst: 

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Fan Behavior at OES

by Jethro Swain

February 2nd, 2016

I’m sitting in the front row of the student section at the varsity basketball game versus Rainier. OES is down by nine or ten points with about six minutes left in the fourth. I’m still in my jersey from my JV game earlier which came down to clutch free throws by David L. and myself. The girls game was a close victory as well, with Sydney G. hitting her clutch free throws to seal the victory, and the game-tying shot by Rainier being taken away by a foot on the three-point line.

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