Kanye For President

by Isabele Riser

For weeks the agony of writing a decent Dig article has been, digging, *wink* at my soul, the very core of my being. Until today, January 29th, I had no inspiration, a negative amount of ideas and was drained of all “controversial” article topics. But when I looked up from my laptop searching for a speck of inspiration, it hit me. There it was. Simon’s tasteful laptop stickers: Kanye 2020.



Let me start off by saying that politics in general are not my thing. I can do gender and race, but Presidential Candidates, Elections… it’s just so blah to me. Kanye has always been a musical fallback for me. When I got over Avril Lavigne, suddenly Graduation was there. After a brief fling with Arctic Monkeys, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy caught me, and so forth until Yeezus. Ye has been a constant in my life, and so when he decided his next big career move was to run for president, I was anything but apathetic.

At first, the mere thought of Ye running for president is what I would call a friendly waste of energy. An egotistic businessman and celebrity with no experience in a position of political power would never have the audacity to run for President…right? Wrong. Trump has avidly demonstrated the latter.

The difference between Trump and Kanye, besides frequent racism and inflamed bigotry, is that Trump at least did his thing with real estate. Kanye is a fashion icon, his wife is a reality star, and his daughter’s name is North. So why would Kanye think he is somehow qualified to ?

The first, and probably the correct answer to this question is that Kanye isn’t really running at all, and this was just a super extreme money-grab. A pure opportunity to sell hats and stickers that would soon appear on the laptops of Yeezys esteemed millennial following. Which, by the way, there’s little to no shame in supporting Ye ironically or otherwise. If someone asked me who I wanted to be president tomorrow and he was an option, I’d check his box.
The second explanation for this political outburst is West is running for president and if so I’ll be watching those debates. Kanye is the type of candidate that would make his own party and debate against himself. Maybe he would make the white house matte black, or put a nude Murcielago in the oval office in place of a desk. Regardless of what goes down in 2020, it’s ever-comforting to know that SWISH(WAVES?) will be coming out just in time to save my from my newfound affection for Purpose(J Biebs) and Revival(Selener).

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