Midwinter Madness Update

by Elie Doubleday

Bubble Soccer was the first event of midwinter madness this year. It took place last Thursday after school. Though I was not there, I talked to some people who were. Bubble soccer is done as a round-robin tournament with the teams divided by gender and grade level. This year, the MWM committee increased safety measures (hence the divided teams) as a result of several legendary incidents last year (Chris Myers’ refereeing concussion).

Bubble soccer has become more popular each year and this year garnered a lot of signups, raising the likelihood that bubble soccer will continue in the future. Kate P. ‘16 tells me there wasn’t a clear winner because of a timing issue (due to a middle school basketball game interfering with their start time) but “congratulations to everyone who played, and thanks to everyone who came out!” Isabella Waldon, the Digs very own, told me she “found the sport I am good at, but they only play it once a year.” For that, she’s quite disappointed.

The Powdertuff Volleyball game happened last Monday. Unfortunately, we had no school that day, so the turnout wasn’t as awesome as it could have been. According to the MWM committee, only five teams, including the faculty, actually showed up of the nine that were supposed to be there.

However, Calla S. ‘16 saw the bright side to that, telling me “that made it easier because each team was allowed to play longer and more in depth.” Powdertuff is also done in a round-robin style with a single-elimination bracket for the finals. The winning team was Trick Shots Only (Jared C., Charlie G., Cyrus J., Paxton L., Adam N., Harrison N., and Josh W.) with MVP and winner of the race car Josh W. ‘16!

Finally, the much anticipated Clash of Titans (more commonly known as the Senior-Faculty basketball game) happened after school Wednesday and was a huge hit with a lovely, large win for the seniors! Memorable moments included ‘Deri Smash’, Jethro Swain noting Deri’s ball being rejected just like his schedule, Daniel Taylor, Nathan W. playing in the boot, Kate P. almost fouling out in 3 minutes, Rachael faking everybody out, Robbie H. hitting that ridiculous shot at the end of the first half, the commentators telling coaches to let Steven W. play more, and Regina almost hitting the ceiling with her ball.


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