Senior-Faculty Basketball Game Report

by Johnny Seabright

Wednesday afternoon, after hours of anticipation, almost the entire senior grade hit the courts to take on the faculty in a game for the ages. Stars and studs alike suited up to sweat, bleed (it is of note that Alex W. did in fact start bleeding in the last moments of the game), and fight for victory.

After a chaotic warm up that included Adam N. dunking and Rob Orr reminding me that “your grade isn’t final yet if you want a little boost,” OES’s basketball stars, Hailey H., Rachel H., David S., Jane S., and Zack H., took the court to lay the heat on the faculty. One could hear Kara Tambellini whispering to Jordan Elliott, “I’m just looking around to see who’s gonna finish second,” yet the first minutes were completely dominated by the seniors. Rachel H. didn’t quite hold up her 88 points per game average, but she provided key plays, moving the ball up and down the court with ease.

Highlights included Isabella Waldron forgetting that you cannot in fact use two hands to dribble a basketball, Robbie H.’s incredibly-breathtaking-3-point-buzzer-beating shot, Coach Kirk scoring 90% of the points for the faculty, and Arnav B.’s attempt to recreate his storied half-court shot from last week.

The game most definitely lived up to the hype, and while Thomas H. couldn’t make it to the game because his mom made him go to tennis, he told me that, “everyone I talked to agreed that this was the greatest game of basketball to go down on OES courts in history.” 

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