Student of the Week [Spirit Squad]

Sami Woodring is a great student and is a superstar skier. The first time she ever went on the mountain was when she was 9 months old. She started actually skiing when she was 2 years old and racing at the age of 5. The reason she became so into skiing and racing is because a lot of her relatives also did it and the influenced her into becoming the skier that she is today. She has won many awards in her ski career. Even though she is such a good skier she has many other talents and does many other things. She loves kiteboarding, going to the gym, and doing yoga. She also has many academic interests. Her main ones consist of math and science. Good job Sami!!!

Jethro Swain, is a distinguished member of the Oregon Episcopal Junior Varsity Basketball Team, Varsity Soccer Team, Varsity Golf Team, The Aardvark Dig, and The Student Section. Jethro has loved all his school work, but specifically his freshman year Physics Class, “My academic interests solely include freshman year physics with Catherine Molleaseu because of the fun times Emerson Lamb and I had”.  Jethro’s taunts from the stands became so outrageous in the boys varsity game against Rainier that he was told to “keep it classy” by the refs. Jethro has attended every singles boys and girls basketball game since the Portland Adventist match. Jethro started with just rags in the journalism department, but due to his hard work for The Aardvark Dig, Swain has catapulted himself to the “riches” department when it comes to journalism. He wrote a very deep piece on rumors at OES, which earned him a shout out in Gathering. Jethro loves playing for Coach Kirk, and only for Coach Kirk. Coach Kirk’s diverse set of inbounds plays and pick and rolls have provided Jethro with a plethora of opportunities to score, especially from the corner. Although efficiency and shooting percentage are not Jethro’s primary concerns, he still manages to score a great deal of points. Jethro is famous for his bravery against De La Salle and his willingness to dribble into traps. Although you may think of Jethro as a sporty guy, he gets it done in the science lab as well. Jethro and his esteemed partner Emerson Lamb have won back to back honorable mention awards at the OES Science Expo. Jethro is a great member of the OES community, and continues to Connect, Create, Commit, and Explore.

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