Go Broncos: A Super Bowl Recap

by Petie Wogan

With the Broncos recent win in Super Bowl 50, it is to be expected that they get some Aardvark Dig media attention. More importantly, avid Broncos fan Emerson L. has several comments on the win.

When I asked Emerson what he thought about the game he went on to spew a series of somewhat biased comments regarding the Broncos, “They were the underdogs the whole way, but they persevered. It’s the true story of passion for the game at its finest.”

It is true that the Broncos were not expected to go as far as the Super Bowl, and I myself am a big Von Miller supporter (outside linebacker, and Super Bowl MVP). However Emerson seemed to be letting the super bowl performance cloud his judgement as he went on to confidently state, “Von Miller is better than JJ Watt, and Cam Newton ain’t nothing. Peyton Manning for MVP.”

To touch on the other side of the spectrum I asked Kara Tambellini what she thought about the Super Bowl, “I’ve heard of it for sure. I didn’t watch it this year, because we don’t have cable.” Simon M. then chimed in “Your kids must go insane.”

Around 114 million people watch the Super Bowl every year, but some people clearly don’t care for it, or for TV at all. Which begs the question, what do you, the reader, do on this coveted Sunday?

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