The Benefits of a Five-Day Weekend

by Elie Doubleday

I have been looking forward to our five-day weekend ever since winter break ended (which, for the record, was six weeks of waiting). I understand weekends to be the highlight of student’s weeks (although I realize this doesn’t apply to everyone), and as a second semester senior, I quite enjoy my days of not being in school. Additionally, I’m the rare type of student who prefers to do my weekend homework on Friday after school (or in the case of the five-day weekend, on Wednesday after school) allowing me to spend my weekend however I want.

The thing with five-day weekends is they’re long enough to make you feel like you’ve had a proper break. With two-day weekends, you end up spending a fair amount of your time on homework alone and come out of it feeling like you didn’t actually get a break at all. Five-day weekends allow time for completing your homework while still giving you plenty of time to lie in front of the TV, stay up late, and eat junk food (or whatever it is everyone wants to do with their weekends).

OES has a policy of one-assignment weekends for our long weekends which additionally allows us some extra relaxing time. However, until recently I had no idea what a one-assignment weekend meant. Because if you think about it, teachers only ever assign one assignment per night (unless you have test corrections due as well as a regular night of math problems), so what was the point of calling it a one-assignment weekend? Kara Tambellini came to my rescue Wednesday in the Dig and explained that a one-assignment long-weekend means that teachers can’t assign separate homework for each of the nights we’re out of school (e.g. a set of math problems for wednesday night, one for thursday night, one for over the weekend, and one for monday night). Turns out a one-assignment weekend isn’t so pointless afterall.

Other benefits include potentially less sports practice, giving athletes more free time, the possibility of an out-of-state vacation, three extra nights where staying up late doesn’t matter and three extra mornings where you can sleep in as late as you want, ample time to see ALL of your friends instead of just one or two, and many hours to binge watch netflix.

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