You Won’t Believe What Kara Said In The Dig Yesterday!

by Alex Finley

Yesterday, Kara made an offhanded remark about watching Kendrick Lamar perform at the Grammys. Like most others in the room, I was quite surprised to hear that Kara, an adult, had watched, and — here’s the kicker -– enjoyed the performance. In response I made the sarcastic statement that “Nobody over twenty seems to know who Kendrick even is,” to which Kara, somewhat perturbed, claimed to be nineteen years old.

We all laughed this off, while Kara continued to defend her youngness. Today, as I proposed collaborating with Simon M. on a Kanye review, Kara said, out of the blue, “Wouldn’t that be totes awk?” Trust me, I am not joking. She actually said that. Now there was not any context for this, and for no reason would Simon and I working together b in fact “totes awk.” Instead, I believe that Kara is attempting to mingle with the youth so as not to feel left out.

“I think she is doing quite the job,” says Simon M. “She naturally just goes with the conversation, unlike Peter Bounincontro.” That’s right. Simon elected to diss Peter for no other reason than to kiss up to Kara. For shame.

Peculiarly, despite her usage of outdated slang, Kara seems to be fitting in with students in and out of the Dig. Rachel W. told me that “[Kara] is a homie.” When I told Kara this, she nodded knowingly saying, “Ohh yeah, I’m down with her.”

I am not going to claim that Kara is socially inept, but many students seem to think otherwise. And I will also not criticize Kara’s strange usage of slang — despite it being very VERY cringey. I am just attempting to bring to public attention Kara’s struggle to fit in with the youth.

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