Stuffed Animal Chapel Review

by Elie Doubleday

Of all the chapels we have, I’m pretty sure the stuffed animal chapel is my favorite. Every year I’ve brought my stuffed dog, Whitey, and now he comes along to support me through the hardships of second semester senior classes as well.

This year, I seriously considered wearing my onesie (because at this point, who cares?). So in honor of my final Stuffed Animal Chapel, I shall be doing a review of it.

To kick everything off, we spend a significant amount of time getting ready, just as one gets ready for bed. Then, when we were all ready, Graham O’Connor ‘18 kicked off sharing time by introducing us to his gorilla, Jackie Bonkers.

For the record, I’m pretty sure Jackie Bonkers is also the Midwinter Madness gorilla who delivers gorilla grams. I have no idea what Graham was doing and was honestly slightly embarrassed for him the whole time he was speaking.

In some order that I don’t remember, the following happened. Chandler W. ‘17 brought his massive stuffed caterpillar, Rainbow, and read to us from his favorite bedtime story, a math textbook. I found it hilarious, and it’s important to note that only Chandler could have pulled that off. Henry T. ‘17 read us a poem with an ending I quite enjoyed.

Mark F. ‘16 introduced us to Sammy, the stagecraft dog. He then informed us that Sammy actually magically appeared as a prop for Peter Pan and if anyone owns Sammy they are welcome to come claim him. After finishing his introduction, he read us the story of Ferdinand the Bull, one of my personal favorites.

Deri Bash decided to embarrass daughter, Erin, by having her come up and read the part of Sam from the book Green Eggs and Ham. Serious props to Erin for doing it, and the overall effect was pretty cute. It should be noted that Deri read his part in an accent.

To finish up the Chapel, Peter Bounincontro recited the whole of Goodnight Moon, an impressive feat given the number of random rhyming words that don’t quite make sense. At this point, I knew chapel was winding down and was beginning to panic.

The highlight of this chapel every year is Corbet Clark reading Winnie The Pooh. Here I was, in my final Stuffed Animal Chapel, and there’s a chance he may not get up to read. That would honestly suck.

And then finally, with only a couple of minutes left, Corbet gets up and announces he shall read us a story in honor of science fair. A story that shows Pooh’s deduction skills. It was a well chosen story. Corbet Clark, once again, stole the show.

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