Top 10 Reasons to Watch Monday’s Lacrosse Game

By Peter Bloch

Winter is ending and the spring term is coming, meaning all new sports, all new players, and all new top 10 lists from the Dig. While the OES Golf and Tennis teams have been playing well in the past few years, the real sport to watch is Men’s Lacrosse. This year, we are stacked in our lineups, and we are definitely going to win state. Here are my 10 reasons why you should join the crusade:

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Chicken Overload

By Daniel Park

Chicken, Chicken, Chicken. Yes, the 2 legged brown bird. Everyone likes chicken (well except for certain people, like vegetarians, but that’s beside the point). It seems like McDonald’s has to step up their game. According to the KB Financial Group Research, as of 2013, South Korea is estimated to have about 36,000 chicken restaurants compared to McDonald’s 35,000 outlets, worldwide. Now, some of you may be saying, “Oh no, 1,000 difference ain’t so big.” We’re talking the whole 6 continents against a country smaller than Ohio.

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