Humans of OES: Food Edition

by Isabella Waldron

March marks Portland Dining Month where eager diners can go to 122 restaurants in Portland with great deals on schmancy foods (

In an effort to celebrate delicious foods, I took to the streets Great Hall to interview our own community about their favorite dining experiences.

Which Portland restaurant is your favorite, and what do you get there?

“Boke Bowl. I get the pork belly.” — Sydney G.

“There are so many good ones. I love Bollywood Theater and the cashew paneer” —Calla S.

“Ken’s’ artisan pizza. I get the speck.” — James R.

“Luc Lac. I either get the pho or the vermicelli bowl.”— Zoe C.

“Bamboo Sushi. I mess with the spicy scallop rolls and the burger (surprisingly) which is absolutely delicious.” — Alex O.

“Screen Door. I get fried chicken and side of collard greens. They have really good biscuits too. Oh, and then mashed potatoes and fries. Pretty dank.” — Grady M.

“The Ringside Fishhouse. I get fish.” —Jane S.


What is your favorite OES lunch?

“BBQ Pulled Pork” — Sydney G.

“I’d have to go with the beef strogonoff with the egg noodles.” — James R.

“A good tofu dish.” — Calla S.

“I like the Indian curries.” —Zoe

“BBQ pulled pork sandwiches with the pretzel buns. We need to reach out to Kelly and the crew to get that on the table more.” — Alex O.

“Crispy chicken sandwiches when they’re at the global, because then you can get unlimited chicken strips.” — Grady M.


What is the grossest food you’ve ever eaten?

“A cricket.” — Sydney G.

“Soggy anything. Too moist.” — Calla S.

“Overcooked brussel sprouts” — James R.

“Sea Urchin” — Zoe C.

“In Greece one time, I tried a fried little fish with the head on everything so you eat the whole thing with the head and the eyes. Or one time I had these cooked greens that were the worst thing ever.” —Alex O.

“A food I wasn’t able to identify. Oh,actually, I ate clay in ceramics the other day.” —Grady M.


Fruit or Veggies?

All: “Fruit.”

Grady— “Team eat your veggies.”


What’s the best dessert?


“Pie…any kind” —Sydney G.

“A dark chocolate raspberry cake from Papa Haydn’s” — Calla S.

“Peanut Butter Fudge Shake” — James R.

“A nice, chocolate lava cake. Those are fire. Or just straight-up delicious coffee Haagen Daz ice cream.” —Alex O.

“I don’t know. I love all dessert. I love all people. I mess with powdered sugar on top of lava cakes.” —Grady M.

“Volcano chocolate cake…gooey and oozy dark chocolate cake.” — Zoe C.


Do you like cooking or baking better?

“Cooking” — Sydney G.

“Baking, easily.” — Calla S.

“Baking” — James R.

“Cooking” — Zoe C.

“Cooking” — Alex O.

“Cooking” — Grady M.


What is the most exciting food you’ve eaten?

“I had yak in the Himalayas in China.” — Calla S.

“Cricket.” —James R.

“At Disneyland they have turkey legs and I ate one of those huge, mutton, medieval turkey legs. Also, chicken feet.” — Zoe C.

“The first time I ever tried dim sum because I didn’t know what I was eating but it was out of this world.” —Alex O.

“I was in Japan and I ate these crazy crackers at this ninja restaurant shaped like throwing stars. I tried to throw it at the wall, but it broke.” —Grady M.3


Best vending machine snack?

“BBQ Corn Nuts” — Sydney G.

“Chex mix or Corn Nuts” —Calla S.

“Chex mix.” — Zoe C.

“Rice Krispy Treats.” — Jane S.

“Erin’s popcorn gives you the best bang for your buck.” — Grady M.

“A nice KitKat…Extra crispy.”— Alex O.

What are you best at cooking?

“Meat.” —Sydney G.

“Chocolate ganache cupcakes (Recipe by Ina Garten) and for the holidays I add crushed peppermint.”— Calla S.

“Carbonara.” — James R.

“Fried rice.” — Zoe C.

“I make a mean spaghetti.” — Alex O.

“Well, currently I’m co-executive chef at GOG grill in the dorms. We cook pretty mean burgers and we have specialities. We use a panini press to cook all the meat. It’s not FDA approved but we’re working on licensing right now.” —Grady M.


Sweet or Savory?


Sydney— Savory

James— Savory

Zoe— Savory

Alex O.— Sweet AND savory

Grady— Sweet


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