Student of the Week [Spirit Squad]

Pushkar Shinde is your student of the week! Pushkar is an esteemed tennis player, renowned for his deadly serve and swift backhand. He also enjoys piano! In the OES Science Expo, Pushkar took home best of fair for his project titled, “Protein Interface Targeted Aptamers Screened Using Competitive Selection.” Pushkar won the following awards: 1st Place in Biochemistry, ISEF finalist, and The Patty Jeanne Semura Best of Fair Award. In school, Pushkar loves all of his classes, but his favorites are science and history. Congrats Pushkar!

Rachel Pippenger is this week’s student of the week. She is the freshman grade D.C rep which means she is very trustworthy. She also has many other interesting things about her. She loves science and had an exceptional science project. She loves dogs as well, and was also a large contributor to the OES soccer team this year. While doing all of this she is also in an out-of-school choir. Great Job Rachel!!

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