Looking Ahead To The Spring One-Acts

by Graham O’Connor

It’s that time again. The One Acts are approaching rapidly. Auditions have begun, and preparations are underway, so it’s time to get HYPED! Let’s take a look at what wonderful student-written plays we’ll be watching from May 11th to the 14th.

Flag Day, written by The Dig’s very own Isabella Waldron, is about a family of immigrants who celebrate Flag Day, an obscure (but important) holiday. The daughter of a Czech and Italian couple brings her very-american boyfriend to their quirky celebration, and humor ensues.

Turning Point, written by Andy Sun, focuses on Flint and Blaine, two best friends in their final years of high school. Although they are extremely close, they seem to be worlds apart. While Blaine is envious of how easy school seems for Flint, Flint has his own deep struggles that he tries to hide away. Neither of the two talk about the challenges they face at home, and the pressure begins to prove to be too much for their friendship to bear.

Enlightenment, written by Mark Fernandez, focuses on Claude, who impulsively puts a downpayment on a lighthouse in his need for a home and in order to fulfill his dream of being a lighthouse keeper. This horrifies his husband Edwin, who expected to be consulted, and initiates a chain of events as the family move in and are forced to work together in crisis.

Each of these one acts was written in Art Ward’s playwriting class, which is exclusively for seniors. Students, who begin writing as early as November, submit their plays to a panel of OES English teachers who then select which three will be chosen for the one acts. Some key things that panel looks for are originality and an intriguing story.

Behind the scenes, the Stagecraft activity will be making a single multipurpose set to suit the needs of all three one acts. This year’s one acts are being stage managed by Sophomore Emily Mottern, who will work with each student director individually and manage the blocking and stage directions for each separate play.

Judging from the descriptions that the directors have given us, 2016 promises to be another year of exciting and well-crafted student plays. Make sure to reserve your seats!


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