My Life as Music Master

by Johnny Seabright

As one of the music masters, my responsibilities are seemingly endless. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Isabella and I pick two songs for gathering that not only set the mood for the rest of the day, but change people’s outlooks on life, love, and more.

I can’t count the times that someone has come up to me and asked, “Johnny, how do you do it? How do you juggle all your responsibilities as a second semester senior as well as being the greatest single music master of all time?

Well, for one, I have probably spent more time on Soundcloud this semester than doing my math homework (sorry Jacqui). In addition to scrounging the internet for slaps, I rely on the help of many of my friends for finding songs. Dylan J. and Everett P. have sent me dozens of requests, and sometimes pop up to the balcony to make a guest appearance.

In addition, whenever I’m lacking inspiration, my trusty sidekick Isabella W. will throw on a jam (note: if the song is from a musical or sounds Mumford-and-Sons-esque, it’s most likely Isabella’s).

When looking back at my journey from June last year when Bradley C. and Natalie B. announced Isabella and I as the new music masters, to the current state of music at OES, I am proud. The growth of OESian music has been exponential this year. Ju-no is continually releasing impeccably produced tunes, the choir has grown to more than 25 people (!), and GOG and Dylan J. have changed the face of hip-hop forever with tracks like “Snowday Chillin” and “One Ohana”.

The life of a music master is wild, exciting, and unpredictable, and soon, Isabella and I will be able to pass our torch on to the next generation of music masters. I look forward to coming back to OES and seeing what musical endeavours are happening.

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