Top 10 Reasons to Watch Monday’s Lacrosse Game

By Peter Bloch

Winter is ending and the spring term is coming, meaning all new sports, all new players, and all new top 10 lists from the Dig. While the OES Golf and Tennis teams have been playing well in the past few years, the real sport to watch is Men’s Lacrosse. This year, we are stacked in our lineups, and we are definitely going to win state. Here are my 10 reasons why you should join the crusade:

  1. Aardvarks!

Who doesn’t love aardvarks. We have by far the coolest mascot, and if you like being an aardvark or know someone who wants to become an aardvark, come to our games. If you like, you could even become our team mascot!

  1. Family

The OES lacrosse program is not just a team…it’s a family. We cover each other’s backs and support each other above and beyond our limits. Becoming a part of this tradition has you behind one of the greatest legacies of all time, and one that will sung about for many years to come.

  1. Strength

Our program derives its strength from our family, and by our family, we are unstoppable. We practice hard every day, and promise to deliver when it becomes game time. Our program chooses only the best to play for our teams. Just remember, “Our only rest day was yesterday.”

  1. Freshmen

This year, our freshmen have come to play some serious lacrosse. Each one of them excels in their field (no pun intended) and they consistently continue to challenge and improve as the season progresses. By the time these players become seniors, they WILL be the All-State team. I guarantee it.

  1. Offense

Do you like goals??? Our offense can rip like it’s nobody’s business. If you like watching behind-the-back highlights, wicked-fast handling, or Trevor Johnson, come out to one of our games, and you’ll see what I mean.

  1. Defense

BAM! Big hits everywhere! Our line of six senior varsity should remind you of one word: “wall.” Our six seniors make up a wall of defense, and there is almost no chance that anything will get past them. In addition, our six JV long-poles will make anyone’s day with their dangles and ground balls. If that’s not enough, check out our two varsity goalies make epic saves of anything that gets over our 6’5” Adam N. ‘16.

  1. Seniors

As I have mentioned, we are stacked on our senior defensive line, but it doesn’t end there. Everyone out there should stop by at some point to see all of their farewell goals and montages of big hits. Our seniors have had a good ride at OES, but it’s not just over yet.

  1. Diamonds in the Rough

Think of the future, people! Won’t it be nice in twenty years to say, “I knew Graham O. ‘17 in high school?” Every one of these people is destined for greatness, and even the smallest of freshmen may still be a professional athlete or D1 Lacrosse starter.

  1. Dennis Sullivan

The man, the myth, the legend. If you like seeing the brilliant mind behind the OES Lacrosse team (and soon to be the whole athletics program), come out to Lake Oswego on Monday night. Sully is a mentor, colleague, and friend to all, and OES would not be the same if he wasn’t shouting “Harrison” from 4:30 to 6 every day.

  1. Johnny Seabright

Some people call Johnny a “speedy hulk of a man,” a “clutch player,” a “master of the silent arts,” or a “lover of the French.” But whatever you want to call him, Johnny, and his brethren will take on Lake Oswego on Monday and you should be there.

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