JV Boys Tennis Profile

by Alex Finley

The Junior Varsity Men’s Tennis Team here at OES is “not well represented or respected as a team,” said Andy S. “Our practices frequently get cut short or canceled because of varsity, and though we have a lot of talent, it drops off very quickly.”

His statements, though accurate, do not exactly demonstrate the environment the JV men’s tennis team nurtures. Headed up by coach Chris Leong, the team accomplishes very little. But accomplishment is not what we strive for.

As one of the best men’s JV teams in the state, OES almost always sweeps the end of the season tournament. Thus, instead of developing our already honed skills, we spend most of practice learning modeling poses from Chris and yelling at freshman.

Oftentimes, the non-varsity teams at Oregon Episcopal School are overshadowed by their varsity counterparts. At times, this may be due to the skill discrepancy between the teams, but when it comes to tennis, it’s all about love of the sport.

As a member of the OES JV men’s tennis team, I have come to realize the joy that the sport may bring.

While the masochist varsity tennis players slowly evaporate the few remaining dregs of fun left in their tennis team, the JV team enjoys every second of practice. Andy S., when commenting on the difference between the two teams stated that, “JV is a good place for people who actually enjoy tennis, rather than the overhyped and overrated banter and gossip that encapsulates the varsity team and their ‘ladder.’”

Though his opinion may have been biased, it was empathetically seconded by varsity star Pavan T., who, when asked whether varsity is as fun as JV responded, “no.”

There are other benefits to the JV men’s tennis team besides the pure enjoyment it brings to its’ players and the community.

Self-proclaimed star of the team and fellow Dig writer, Musa Tahir believes that the team has “a talented group of kids” with “a lot of potential.” Now, normally, I would not suggest respecting the opinion of a freshman, but in this case, Musa is entirely correct.

With returning stars of JV like Nav, Jeans, Andy, Paxton, and myself, there is no way OES JV men’s tennis does not sweep the podium this year. So, catch the Junior Varsity men’s team at the end of the year tournament where Andy, Paxton, and myself will be making a run for repeat medals against Catlin Gabel.

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