The Gambling Dilemma at OES

By Peter Bloch

As most of you know, Villanova recently defeated North Carolina at the buzzer for the Final Four championship title. What many of you might not know is that Rowan “The Oracle” B. ‘16 chose more winning teams in his March Madness bracket than any other OES student or faculty member. Just nearly defeating Rob Orr by three points, he sniped first place and revealed his future-telling abilities to the world.

Sadly at OES, there are restrictions on gambling, and so the winners are not allowed to win any physical or monetary items for their work. In addition, the NCAA rules also restrict any Division I, II, or III players to participate in gambling, or they may lose eligibility to compete at the college level. In other words, no victories can be redeemed on or off campus for the heroes of our own non-competitive tournament.

Of the “OES and Faculty 2016” bracket, there were only two faculty members to participate. Although Rob Orr was able to secure second place, sadly Dana Mosher-Lewis took very last place at 22. Her strategy was to pick the best mascot and pray that they do best. While it was not a fruitful tactic this year, there is always hope for the next one.

After returning from Winterim, I had a chance to talk to Spirit Squad, and they had many things to say about the bracket. First of all, I asked whether it was a success in their eyes. “I think so,” said Clara C ‘16. “There was not as much hype as possible. Next year there will be more hype and more than one announcement in gathering.”

Despite the main interest being in the freshmen class (primarily the boys), it grew support from many other groups on the OES campus, and they hope to grow it in the future. “Somebody will continue to do it,” said Jane S. ‘16.

Sadly due to betting rules, the winners will get nothing from their victories. However, I must congratulate the top three participants, Rowan B. ‘16, Rob Orr, and Jethro S. ‘17, and if you see them wandering the OES halls, make sure to congratulate them too!

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