Warriors Chase Best Record in NBA History

By Sahil Veeramoney

On April 21st, 1996, the Chicago Bulls finished the season with a 103-93 win over the Washington Bullets and marked themselves down in the NBA history books with a legendary 72-10 season – the best record since the league’s inception. A roster peppered with many of the all-time greats including Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Steve Kerr, and Kim Jong-un’s best-friend Dennis Rodman, the 95-96’ Bulls cruised to an NBA championship after dropping only three games the entire tournament.

Years passed and the only two teams that came close to 95-96’ Bulls were the 96-97’ Bulls and the 96-97’ Jazz who earned a competitive 64-18 regular season record. Progressing into the 21st century the competition to match the Bulls’ record fell off and the possibility of any other team repeating their success became more and more unlikely.

Just as all hope was lost, the red-hot Golden State Warriors, led by demigod Stephen Curry, blazed to a 24-0 start to the 2015-2016 NBA season. Every other team in the NBA shuddered when taking to the court against the Warriors, knowing that the chances of leaving the stadium victorious were slim-to-none. Yet critics still doubted the Warriors, claiming that they’d eventually plateau. Now the Warriors are 78 games into the season, barely clinching on to the hope of topping the Bulls, with a 69-9 record.

For those of you who are bad with arithmetic…this means that the Warriors need to end the season with a perfect 4-0 record to end with a cumulative 73-9 season. Earlier in the season some may have said that Warriors would have been able to easily achieve this task yet the previously steadfast team hasn’t looked so unwavering lately.

The last seven days have been especially turbulent as the Warriors have earned 2 of their 9 losses to the lowly Minnesota Timberwolves (26-52) and the Boston Celtics (46-32). It seems that the Warriors are cracking under the pressure and are now facing a final schedule of two games against the other NBA powerhouse in the San Antonio Spurs (65-12) and two games against the capable Memphis Grizzlies (42-36).
To break the hearts of diehard Warriors fans, Colin B. ‘19 is not optimistic, “the Warriors are going to lose at least one game to the Spurs,” and the Spurs 39-0 home record unfortunately reaffirms Colin’s statements. On the other hand,  Alex F. ‘17 states, “Whatever Colin says is wrong and therefore the Warriors will succeed.”

The Warriors’ upcoming schedule is unequivocally a tough one and the odds are against the team from Golden State. However, whether or not you agree with Colin or Alex, the next week will definitely provide some exciting and potentially historic basketball. As for me, I just realized that by the time this article is published we’ll already know whether the Warriors chances of the 73-9 record are alive and for the sake of me not wasting my time writing this…I hope they win.

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