Who Wore It Better, Part 1

By Claire Collins

About 2 months ago, at the big Catlin vs OES basketball game, I noticed a startling similarity between our two teams. The infamous Community Board Chair Nathan C. and the Varsity Women’s coach for Catlin both had THE SAME HAIRSTYLE! I then proceeded to ask myself: How would I be able spread the news about this SHOCKING parallel between our teams? The answer was to write an article in The Dig about it two months later. So…….

Welcome to the first ever WHO WORE IT BETTER!!

Nathan C. vs. Catlin Gabel Women’s Varsity Basketball Coach


In this photo we have Nathan C. being very enthusiastic and supporting his OES team. Note the hairstyle, circled in pink.

Coach 1

And in this photo we have a Catlin Gabel Coach focusing on the game as they lose or something. Note the hairstyle, also circled in pink.

When asked about this issue, Abe Asher stated that Nathan’s hair is “a bit unruly” and “reminiscent of Harry Potter character, Severus Snape.” Abe thinks that the Coach wore it better, though he was chagrined that she decided to coach the game in a t-shirt.

Freshman Rachel P. said that she “would have choose Nathan because he accessorized better, but his hair looks unwashed.” She decided to refrain from voting because her conflicting opinions.

Vote for your choice at this link: http://strawpoll.me/7306610

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