17 Reasons to Watch The Women’s Tennis Team

by Elie Doubleday

Last week we featured an article on men’s varsity tennis and men’s JV tennis and I’m feeling like my team is rather underrepresented. So in order to combat this problem, I’ve decided to compile a list of 17 reasons you should come out and watch women’s varsity tennis.

  1. Anna S. ‘18 (partly because she helped me with this list and partly just because she’s hilarious)
  2. Coleen Davis
  3. Coleen is actually a legend. You should know who she is, and not just because we’re all required to take one of her classes.
  4. Mia F. ‘18 and Rachael H. ‘16 as 1 doubles. Never, ever, stand on the other side of the net from them. But you’re lucky because you’re fans and can just sit on the side and cheer
  5. Doubles in general. As Anna S. says, “It’s fun. It’s fast. It’s furious. Usually.”
  6. Mia F. and Jennifer L. ’18 (who occasionally play together) make an intimidating team and are also the fastest players on our team (I’m pretty sure) and I can’t figure out why
  7. Kate K. ‘18 emerging as a champion from the shadows to play 1 singles and leave everyone else in the dust
  8. Kate K.’s impeccable and perfectly controlled form that makes her look like a tennis goddess.
  9. Our two transplant volleyball players Grace M. ‘16 and Tammy T. ‘18 absolutely murdering everyone when they’re at the net because they’re complete powerhouses. Trust me, they’re fun to watch.
  10. Specifically, Grace M. slamming all the overheads. I’m pretty sure she’s hit someone before.
  11. And Tammy T. hitting every ball, even when you think it’s so far out of reach she can’t possibly get it. Because she will.
  12. That fact that we’re undefeated.
  13. Our lineup is always different so you never know what you’re going to get. Makes it pretty exciting. You can bet on who will be playing. It’ll be fun!
  14. Jennifer L. and Vidisha P. ‘18, our terrifying lefties.
  15. Most of our team is sophomores, which means you can all support them for years to come!!!
  16. We have cute uniforms.
  17. I have 17 reasons and Thomas Hochman only had 16. So come watch us!

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