Examining the Issue of the Men’s Lacrosse Paradigm

By Peter Bloch

The most common question that I’ve been asked in the past week is by far: “How is Lacrosse?” to which I have no easy reply. The many levels on which we run and operate is far above and beyond the comprehension of mortals, but I will do my very best to summarize our year.

The issue with explaining our status is that our two teams, JV and varsity, have not had similar seasons. Our Men’s Varsity team is currently 5-0 and ranked #2 in the state of Oregon according to laxpower.com. The #1 team is Jesuit’s lacrosse program, who has only been beaten by Sherwood. Because OES recently defeated Sherwood 4-1, however, I am not worried about OES’ finest taking the championship home this year. Considering that we are much smaller than any other team in the top ten, we are looking extremely good for the playoffs.

JV lacrosse, on the other hand, is not playing so hot. We are currently 0-5 and just came from a devastating loss at 13-5 to Sherwood’s JV roster. We’ve had some close calls, and some epic comebacks, but we have yet to secure the “W” and we are gunnin’ for a win by May.

Part of the awkward and slightly depressing inverse trend of losses might be explained by our roster. JV started the season with nine defensemen, three attack, and four midfielders. We have since had five people move positions, leaving our roster at a state of almost no substitutions on offense and leaving the defense to spend about a quarter of the game on the sidelines. In addition, the varsity squad needs to have the best of the best players, meaning the best of JV are actually on varsity.

Many of you might not know however, that the head coach, Dennis Sullivan, is the mastermind of human knowledge. Knowing this fact, I would guess that he is pushing the JV past their limits to find who can rise to the challenge and play with the big boys despite our inability to take the win. While we have little on the highlight reel this year, the season is just now getting in full swing, and once we start to win, other teams will struggle against the steamroller that is the JV squad.

I promised all of you that this was the year to watch lacrosse and I mean it. Our team is #2 in the state, and unlike some of our other sports, it is free to watch. If you want to catch a glimpse at some of the legends before they make it on the big screen, please come support us at home on the 21st of April. Let’s go ‘varks!


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