Student of the Week [Spirit Squad]

Alex Boxberger is your student of the week! Alex has been an integral member of our Aardvark community for all 4 years of high school, participating in soccer, track, and various other OES activities. When in class, Alex rocks it in the Spanish classroom! Muy Bien Alex! She also has shown her interest for science during her time at OES. Outside of the school community, Alex partakes in lots of other extracurriculars. One of her favorite outdoor activities is skiing – you could say she rocks it on the mountain. Another one of her multiple hobbies is drawing. Earlier this year she excelled in Graphic Arts with Sue Jensen. Alex, thank you for being such a great community member for such a long time!

Trevor Johnson, the leading scorer for the OES Aardvarks boys lacrosse team, is your student of the week! Trevor has had an incredible month lacrosse-wise, scoring five goals against Liberty, three goals against Beaverton, and two goals against Sherwood. Although his injuries often sideline him, Trevor has not suffered any injuries this season and is “just chillen’,” as he quotes. As a senior captain, Trevor commented on his ability to get the team together off the field in areas such as team dinners and lunches. He says, “you know, it is really all about the chemistry of our team. Before games, we stop at New Seasons as a team to get some dank food and this has really helped us succeed.” Trevor has also done a successful job limiting distractions off the field this season. He is currently taking three academic classes, which allows him to really focus on his number one priority, lacrosse. Off the field, Trevor loves to watch the blazers, and he is “the biggest ‘zers fan.” Trevor has been a great ambassador for the lacrosse team, helping to hold up the reputation the team has built up as a group of academically focused, trouble-free, young individuals. Although sometimes you may miss him, Trevor is always at school, spreading his love and making the community a better place.

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