Register To Vote in Oregon!

by Abe Asher

In a Gathering announcement several weeks ago, it was reported that April 8th was the deadline to register to vote in the fast-approaching Oregon Presidential Primary.

However — April 8th is my birthday. It is not the deadline to register to vote in Oregon’s primary.

That day is April 26th. And that means that if you’re over 18 years old, or will be by May 17th, you still have time to register to vote.


Remember: Oregon has closed primaries. This means that if you want to vote for either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, you have to be registered as a Democrat. If you want to vote for Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or John Kasich, you have to be registered as a Republican.

If you want to vote for Bernie, Hillary feels sorry for you because you didn’t do your research. She also thinks you’re not interested in electing a President, you just like protesting. Bill Clinton also thinks you’d like to shoot every third person on Wall St. But what the hell, I say go for it anyway. The Clintons have rarely been right in the past.

Besides, Hillary appears to have forgotten that Oregon exists — listing all of the states that have yet to vote in the Democratic primary on her website except for ours.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 10.46.59 PM

In fact, while Sanders has a bustling headquarters on NE Broadway and four other campaign offices around the state, Clinton has no presence here.

Oregon’s Jeff Merkley — who once promised to visit Deb Walsh’s renegade Modern Presidency class last year — became the first US Senator to endorse Sanders last week. His New York Times editorial can be found here.

The Republican race in this state promises to be a close one. John Kasich won a straw poll at the Dorchester Conference in March, while the rural parts of the state could prove fertile ground for Donald Trump, and the more religious parts fertile ground for Ted Cruz.

Either of the three candidates could win in May, and I’d expect visits from the trio of Republicans, Bernie, and, if she can find some rich people here, maybe Clinton in the coming month.

Recently, our good pal/lunch menu savior/common man exploited by Community Board which then plagiarized The Dig‘s ingenious marketing campaign of 2013 Brendan Le caucused in Washington for Bernie. He was elected precinct chair. It was wild. Democracy is fun.

You can register to vote here. If you need to change your party registration to Democrat or Republican, you can do so here.

Once you’re registered, you will receive your ballot shortly after the 26th. After you’ve voted, you can mail your ballot back in by May 11, or drop it off any time before election day on the 17th. You can find drop off locations here.


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