Upcoming DC Elections Take On New Importance

by Thomas Hochman

In May, campaigning will begin for elections to choose representatives from each grade for Discipline Committee.

According to Dana Lewis, faculty chair of the Discipline Committee — commonly referred to as the DC — “The Discipline Committee exists to provide appropriate consequences for inappropriate actions, and to help maintain a safe and healthy community. In addition to faculty, a student on the committee represents each grade as well as the dorms. Being on the committee is an excellent opportunity to cultivate your leadership skills, and participate in serious and meaningful conversations about our school.”

Current student representatives include senior Jared C., junior Shiva B, sophomore Pushkar S., freshman Rachel P., and dorm representative Jessie L. The faculty representatives hail from a wide variety of subjects, currently consisting of Dana Mosher Lewis (faculty chair), Gary Crossman, Brad Hoffman, Elaine Elliott, and Bevin Daglen.

Every May, all interested students have the opportunity to run for the Committee, as there can be new representatives from each grade each year.

“I ran for Discipline Committee in the first place because I wanted to do something with student government but I didn’t want to be in front of the school a lot. I think it (DC) is a benefit to the school and I’ve gotten pretty good at it through 4 years of working there,” says senior representative Jared C.

“It was never a question for me that I would run again each year. It’s essential for the committee to have a good student leader so I knew that it was important to come back,” he continued.

“Most people run again after being a part of Discipline Committee for the first time. I think it’s super important that the students have a say in disciplinary action, because although the teachers understand the teachers’ side of things, the students understand what really matters to the students and therefore what really matters to the students receiving disciplinary action. Most of the share of the say goes to the students, actually. The teachers offer extra perspectives and information,” Jared said.

“As far as the election process, you talk to the DC chair and tell her that you want to run, and then prepare a 1 minute speech and give it in front of the grade. If you win the popular vote from the grade, then you start with DC the next fall.”

Members of the upcoming freshman class will have the opportunity to run soon after the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year, and the freshman representative will be voted into Discipline Committee in the early fall.

As we all know, there has been an increase of disciplinary issues handled by Discipline Committee over the last school year — and with rumors swirling around the school causing controversy around the measures taken by the Committee in regard to those facing disciplinary action, the focus on this year’s elections may well be intensified.