Who Wore It Better, Part 2

by Claire Collins

While brainstorming about my next article with fellow Dig writer Calla S., she looked up from her computer and saw Jonathan S. in a red t-shirt with a line of the classic Hawaiian flower pattern that looks a little like this:


Calla made the brilliant connection from Johnny’s shirt to the outfits of the employee’s from Trader Joe’s. So, without further ado…

Welcome to WHO WORE IT BETTER #2!!

Johnny S. vs Trader Joe’s Employee


In this photo we have Johnny S. sporting his crimson t-shirt. The whole ensemble was also paired with Nike Air Max shoes to tie it all together.  Notice the lack of jewelry or accessories from this photo.


And in this photo we have the Trader Joe’s employee named Silver. The blog where this, slightly blurry, photo came from described Silver as their favorite TJ’s employee. The blog owner also mentioned that her wrists were covered with “oodles and gobs of beautiful silver jewelry.” You can read more about her at this website: https://pcadams.wordpress.com/category/shopping/

When shown these photos side by side, senior Kate P. stated that “Jonathan displays fun tropical spirit at school, but the employee has accessorized well.” She declared it a tie.

Sarah S., Johnny’s sister, said that “the vibrancy of Johnny’s shirt is better, but the woman pairs the necklace with the shirt well.” She has also mentioned that “he loves that shirt,” but “no one in my [her] family has any idea why because he is usually fairly fashion conscious.”

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