Saying Goodbye To Gary Crossman

by Isabele Riser

For 39 years, Gary Crossman has committed himself fully to the OES community in nearly every way possible. In his time at OES, Gary has been a dorm parent, head of the middle school, basketball coach, alumni relations representative, OES parent of two, and math teacher. This article honors his final year teaching at OES.

When OES says goodbye to a community member they are typically regarded with the respect and fondness of a close friend or family member. Saying goodbye to these people we learned from and learned to love is always heartfelt and saddening.

So when I approached my peers and teachers about Gary, I had high expectations. But the amount of warmth and admiration that teachers, students and alumni behind the infinite lovely thoughts and memories of Gary were nothing short of overwhelming.

“The thing about Gary,” according to Dana Mosher-Lewis, “is that he was everybody’s friend. He had connections everywhere, and when we did events everybody came as long as Gary did. And what makes him so amazing was the fact that he took the time to develop those relationships.”

“Every time I go to his office he’s with a student, I mean, he really builds relationships. He makes an effort to get to know students on a personal level and they get to know him. He still sends old advisees birthday cards on their birthdays!” Dana said.

Gary also makes a truly admirable point of being active and living a full life. He attended the sophomore backpacking trip numerous times and continues to bike to school daily. He went to Zaragoza, Spain to teach math to American juniors studying abroad.

The program allowed students to complete credits like English and Math that they couldn’t otherwise complete while studying abroad. After retirement Gary plans on going on a bike trip around Italy with his wife before revisiting Spain in September.  

Here are some of the things teachers, students, and alumni had to say about Gary:

IMG_4139“He’s friendly, and a really good biking companion” -Rob Orr

“He’s been a great advisor. He really got to know us all; he puts up with our antics and always knows how to make us laugh. These past four years would not have been what they were without Gary.” -Kailin C. ’16

“You should’ve seen him play basketball in his prime, in college, Pomona.” – Corbet Clark

“He’s the only person in OES who pronounces my name correctly besides the Spanish Teachers! He pronounces it flawlessly.” – Carmen Boyle

“From my time at OES and the years that have followed, I have feelings of respect, admiration and fondness toward Gary Crossman.” – Tracy Hyland

Gary Crossman has been the friend and teacher to countless members of the OES community and beyond, so in the words of Dana Mosher-Lewis: “Gary is beloved, and will be very missed.”

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