Top 6 Corporate April Fools’ Jokes of 2016

by Sahil Veeramoney

It has been almost three weeks since April Fools’ Day and it’s about time we recapped some of the crazy, creative, and catastrophic stunts that were pulled by some of America’s most recognized corporations.

April Fools’ is quickly developing into a tradition amongst the corporate world for companies to partake in producing quirky, odd, and often cringeworthy jokes. To pay homage to the select few companies who deviated from the norm and generated clever content, it’s time for The Dig’s Top 6 Corporate April Fools’ Jokes of 2016.

  1. Lexus

The luxury division of the Japanese automaker Toyota earns a noble sixth place on this year’s list for their revolutionary V-LCRO technology because the average seat-belt has obviously become very inapplicable in today’s world. The “Connecting Man and Machine” campaign satisfied the needs of the racing enthusiast who is cautious and seeking a more intimate connection with his or her vehicle – by literally wearing a velcro suit and being velcroed to the seat. If you’re interested about this upcoming new tech…you can check out Lexus’ commercial at:


  1. H&M

The beloved Swedish multinational retail store H&M joined in on the fun on April 1st and dropped a new clothing line – The Mark Zuckerberg Capsule Collection. Known for its collab’s with some of the biggest brands in the game, H&M decided to take it to the next level and work with the Facebook CEO who is renowned for his laid-back fashion sense. If grey t-shirts and blue-jeans intrigue you, H&M has most definitely got you covered; the new collection pack features seven identical t-shirts of the vibrant color grey and one pair of classic blue jeans. Now everyone knows that the first step to having a net-worth of 35.7 billion dollars is to start dressing exactly like Zuckerberg himself. Well your dreams have come true…you can cop the collection pack at:


  1. Tesla Motors

Elon Musk and Co. decided to take a crack at the whole April Fools’ thing by announcing the Tesla Model W. The automakers deviated from, well, making cars and realized that a new watch is what the company needed. Tesla officially stated, “This incredible new device from Tesla doesn’t just tell the time, it also tells the date. What’s more, it is infinitely adjustable, able to tell the time no matter where you are on Earth…This will change your life. Reality as you know it will never be the same.” Now, you may be thinking how a stupid watch that look likes the Big Ben clock tower earned fourth place on this list. Honestly, it’s not the prank that was funny…it was the reaction it caused. The announcement came in with about five minutes leaving in the trading day and in that time Tesla stock jumped approximately $1.50 or 0.75%. Approximately 400,000 shares of stock were traded during the last five minutes on the April 1st trading day – the most trading activity since the first 60 seconds of 2016 opening day. Then the shares quickly retracted back to the initial price by closing. What does this mean? Essentially, people who saw the announcement immediately bought some shares assuming it’d be successful and then quickly sold the stock once they realized they’d been duped. Props to Tesla for schooling noobs who don’t read past the headlines. Check out the Model W at:


  1. T-Mobile

The German-based mobile communications company chose April 1st to debut the Binge On Up service. For eternity, cellular companies have forced their customers to choose between carrying on with the hardships of everyday life and binge-watching their favorite shows. Now, you can do both simultaneously…courtesy of T-Mobile. The new service allows unlimited streaming over 4G LTE and comes with the Binge On Up headset which is purposed to revolutionize hands-free phone usage. You can do literally anything like driving, gardening, and performing surgery while catching up on the latest TV-shows. Your teachers will love when you turn up to class wearing this ridiculously invasive headset. Check it out T-Mobile’s well-done announcement at:


  1. Alphabet Inc.

For those of you who don’t pay attention to current-events like fellow dig-writer Daniel Park, you may not have realized that Google created the multinational conglomerate Alphabet Inc. as parent company for Google and other Google-owned companies back in 2015. So this year, on April Fools’, Alphabet inc. featured the “Drop the mic” option which was positioned right next to the original “send” button while forming e-mails. If the author accidentally clicked the “drop the mic,” option the original email and thread would be deleted and be replaced with a gif of Despicable Me minions. This option caused a lot of ruckus and was immediately taken down by Google. Apparently, some guy got fired because he screwed up an important email while working on a merger with another company – awesome! Gotta love Google for taking April Fools’ so seriously. Check out the Google’s apology email for all the chaos they caused at:


  1. General Mills

If you don’t already know the best April Fools’ showing of 2016, your internet must have broken because of General Mill’s prank. Honestly, calling it a prank might not even be appropriate due to how seriously good their “joke” was. Hamburger Helper, the food products, sold under the Betty Crocker Brand, wins this year’s review…by far. The release of their parody mixtape “Watch The Stove,” featuring five songs by upcoming hip-hop artists from Minnesota (location of General Mills HQ) received universal acclaim. The intro-song, “Feed the Streets,” goes harder than a Future track while DEQUEXATRON X000 drops insane bars about cooking Hamburger Helper. Currently, the mixtape has 4.74 million plays on SoundCloud. General Mills, Hamburger Helper, or whatever you want to call it, topped every other company this year for quality April Fools’ material. If, for some godforsaken reason, you haven’t checked out Hamburger Helper’s mixtape please do yourself a favor and check it out at: I guarantee you, it’s fire.