Student of the Week [Spirit Squad]

Tammy Tao is your student of the week! When asked what she likes she gave us a very long list of things, because that is the great kind of person she is! She likes a wide range of things, the first on her list being a couple of sports: Ping pong, tennis, and volleyball. She also enjoys having a nice Japanese or Vietnamese dinner or lunch. Tammy loves her friends and teammates on some of her various sports teams and other activities. One of her hopes is to improve her handwriting and cursive and be able to write in some styles other than print.

Jack Schlendorf, a goalie for the OES lacrosse team, is your student of the week! Jack has been an amazing contributor to the Aardvark lacrosse team! Jack is a brick wall in the net, letting very few shots go by him. Jack is known for his communication and his ability to prepare for other teams. Jack always has his opponents shot tendencies memorized and knows exactly where to go on his clears.His great skills helped him commit to the University of Michigan during the winter of his freshman year. Outside of lacrosse, Jack enjoys Business Club, Math, the Oregon Ducks, and watching Netflix!

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