The Comeback is Real

by Musa Tahir

The Blazers’ playoff run is starting to get interesting.

The Portland Trail Blazers, after being down two games to the Los Angeles Clippers, have made a major comeback in the series, winning three consecutive games to lead the series three games to two.

In the third game of the series, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, the two best players on the Clippers, were injured. According to ESPN, “ Blake Griffin will miss the remainder of the postseason and Chris Paul will be out indefinitely.” These injuries have immensely decreased the confidence of the Clippers team, now unable to rely on its two all stars.

On Friday, the 29th of April (the day that many of you would be reading this article), the Blazers will return to Portland for game six at the Moda Center. If Rip City loses this contest, they would go back to L.A for game seven with a Paul-less and Griffin-less Clippers team.

As you might have noticed from the series score, if Portland wins this game, they would ultimately win this playoff series. This victory would eliminate the Clippers from the playoffs and move Portland on to play the Golden State Warriors … the Golden State Warriors, the 2015 NBA champions!

At first thought, it might look like Portland is well …  doomed. However, Stephen Curry, the 2015 NBA MVP, is currently out with a sprained MCL. As ESPN writes, “Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry will miss at least the next two weeks with a sprained right MCL, the team announced, ‘We said two weeks, but that’s no guarantee that it will be in two weeks, might be after two weeks, might be before,” Myers (General Manager of Warriors) said. “But I think it will be somewhere in that range, hopefully.’”

The Warriors team without Stephen Curry are still a fair team, but a win over them would mean that the Blazers would advance to the Western conference finals for the first time in sixteen years.

This Blazers team, who lost four of its five starting players last year, might actually surprise people. Who knows how far the Blazers will go? They certainly got further than pundits expected.

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