How Well Do You Know Project Second Wind?

by Calla Slayton

Take this quiz to test your knowledge about the event!

Let’s start off with some easy ones:

  1. What is Project Second Wind?
    1. A second project that measures some amount of wind
    2. A month long food drive that benefits some people in another country
    3. The annual food drive at OES that benefits a local organization that helps provide families in SW Portland with food
  2. What are the dates for Project Second Wind?
    1. May 1-May 20
    2. April 30-May 15
    3. April 25-May 10
  3. What is the name of the organization we’re helping?
    1. From Safeway to Table
    2. Neighborhood Store
    3. Neighborhood House

Yay, you’re still taking this quiz! Okay, here are some tougher ones:

  1. What items should be brought in?
    1. Salmon, milk, and sharp white cheddar cheese
    2. Boxes of mac & cheese, cereal, and fresh fruit
    3. Any non perishable items!
  1. What happens to the donated food?
    1. It gets handed out to homeless people on the street
    2. The donations get put into box and people in need come by and pick up the boxes
    3. The donations get shelved in the grocery like food pantry and families can shop for the items they want
  2. What is the name of the program where the food goes?
    1. Food For You
    2. Boxes of Love
    3. Emergency Food Box Program

Wow, you’re dedicated! Alright, here are the final and hardest questions:

  1. Is there a competition this year? If so, what is it?
    1. No, no competition this year
    2. Yes, the competition is between grades
    3. Yes, the competition is between the different departments in the Upper School
  1. What is the prize for the winners?
    1. Nothing, there is no competition
    2. The winners get a single donut hole each
    3. The winning advisories get advisory snack provided for them for one week and the winning advisors get Nike Employee Store passes
  2. Where should I put my donations?
    1. Bring them straight to the local organization
    2. Put them in Area 51 on Robin’s desk
    3. Put them in the designated box with your advisor’s name on it, located in the Upper School Lobby
  3. Why should you donate?
    1. So I have a reason to go shopping
    2. So I can understand which products people in my community need  
    3. So I can help this local organization keep serving an average of 600 families a month

How’d you do?

If you answered mostly A’s: You really don’t know Project Second Wind very well. You might have been dozing off during the announcements or missed the poster in the Great Hall.

If you answered mostly B’s: You sort of know about Project Second Wind. You have the basic idea, but are missing some of the finer details. Good job knowing the foundation!

If you answered mostly C’s: You really know your stuff! You’ve been paying attention and have remembered even the smallest bits of information. You should join SLAC!