Testing WikiHow: Part 1

by Claire Collins

Wikipedia is one of the greatest informational resources of this generation.

Everything that is said on Wikipedia is guaranteed to be true. Despite the beauty and intelligence of Wikipedia, wikiHow, the online compilation of step by step instructions for anything, is a greatly underused source.

I’m guessing the hesitancy to use this website is because not everything is verified to work, so today I will be testing out some of their articles so you don’t have to. All of the links to the wikiHow articles I followed will be listed at the end if you want to try.

I’m going to start out with an easy one: An origami chair. This has 13 steps to it but they were all really easy. I give this article a 10/10, and I will continue to make these cute little chairs and leave them as gifts for my teachers (you’re welcome).

IM1This beautiful piece of craftsmanship was folded and creased by my own hands. It is very stable and could probably hold at least two quarters on it.

The second article I tested was a bit more difficult. It was titled “How to Write a Mermaid Diary to Trick Your Friends”. I thought that this would be perfect to test because I wanted to be a mermaid when I was younger. So I started by creating my journal to trick one of my friends.


I made my journal out of two pieces of college ruled notebook paper and wrote My Mermaid Diary on the front cover. I think it looks pretty convincing:


On the first page of the diary it says “Wow, I can’t believe I’m a mermaid. It’s really amazing. I get a tail when water touches my skin. Wow. This is my big secret.” I then put my plan into action. I “accidentally” placed the diary right next to two of my friends, Rachel P. and Stephanie F, so that they would pick it up and read it.

The plan worked perfectly! The now believe that I am a mermaid. I am concerned, however, because Rachel’s first instinct was to pour water onto my hand and make me transform.

This would have blown my cover, so I quickly exited the situation. In the end, this wikiHow is rated 9/10 because there is quite a bit of effort if you want it to work, but if you get it right, you will have everybody believing you are a mermaid.

I was going to do “How to Give a Passive Aggressive Gifts for Christmas”, but I might want to try that during the holidays. In conclusion, if you want to make a tiny paper chair or convince your friends of your mermaid-ness, wikiHow is the place to go.

Origami Chair: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-an-Origami-Chair

Mermaid Diary: http://www.wikihow.com/Write-a-Mermaid-Diary-to-Trick-Your-Friends