Fan Turnout at OES Sporting Events

by Calla Slayton

Last Tuesday evening at 7:30pm, the field was filled with people who had come out for the Boys Lacrosse team’s final home game of the regular season. Students from all three divisions, faculty, and alumni were present to support the boys as they battled Lincoln High School — one of OES’s biggest rivals.

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My Goodbye to Abe Asher

by Thomas Hochman

The first time I met Abe, I didn’t say anything. It was soccer season — I was swinging up as a backup goalkeeper to local legend Jared C. — and I was petrified. “Sorry” when I invariably messed up accounted for about 8 of the 12 words that I said to the whole team throughout the season, so to say that he and I had a lot of social interaction might be stretching it a little bit.

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