Chance the Rapper Posters: Entrepreneurs Exposed

by Simon Mehari

“Chance 3” is the long awaited third mixtape from Chance the Rapper. Chance released the cover art for “Chance 3” last Saturday, April 30th. Saturday marked the three year anniversary of Acid Rap, which is his most popular mixtape — amassing 237k likes on SoundCloud.

Chance has been teasing his fan base with the release of “Chance 3″ for months. Many speculated he would release it on his three year anniversary of Acid Rap, but instead he only released the cover art.

The cover art (seen below) has been striking up some controversy here in our own community. Chance has been selling these posters in bundles, selling 10 for $20 — ~$28 — with shipping.


Many entrepreneurs in our community saw this as a business opportunity. I myself had a plan with Thomas Hochman, a special freshman, to buy this bundle, take one each and sell the rest at $5 a poster.

When I found out that Thomas left me for Nathan C, I became enraged and made it my life’s goal to make sure that their venture failed. His betrayal of our friendship resulted in me seeking out new business partners with competitive prices.

I planned to team up with Alex Finley, but Alex, unsurprisingly, too lazy to follow through.

I then found myself in the dining hall confronted by Abraham Asher, a Dig editor, who wanted to partner up and sell the posters for $4 a piece, which is HALF the price Nathan and Thomas are selling them for.

Sadly, we didn’t follow through. Next thing you know all school emails are being spat out, one from Nathan who has publicly stated “I do not like Chance the Rapper. I am in it solely from the money,” which is awkward since he is working with Thomas — who proclaimed to me the other day that he is, “The biggest Chance fan in the school.”

Ed Cecere and the administration had enough of the the bombardment of emails of people like Grady and Andy who were selling posters at competitive prices.

I guess they do not like a capitalist economy. Peter Buonincontro had some opinions about this whole incident, stating, “If we can use school resources for personal gain I will volunteer to proctor a time back and make kids wash my car and watch my children.”

I have decided that I will not help Thomas or Nathan get a profit off of scheming people. Doing the math each poster costs about $2.80. There resell price is $8. If they sell 9 posters that means they will be making $36 each. In profit they will be making $22.

My point being, to all the people who fell for their scheme, sucks to be you. The dynamic duo of Thomas and Nathan will be running off into the sunset with all your money laughing and giggling while looking mischievous tapping their fingers together as if they were Mr. Burns.