Cinco de Mayo

by Colin Bock

Currently, while I write this here on Star Wars Day, (may the fourth be with you all), I sit here craving a Chipotle burrito.  Why might you ask?  Cinco de Mayo is this Thursday!

 While our country typically sees this holiday as an excuse to party and eat chips and guac, the holiday is starting to gain more and more traction is the Mexican population increases.  In fact, there are more Spanish-speakers here in the United States than in Spain.  

As I learned in Dana Lewis’ Spanish III class on Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo is a way for Mexicans and Mexican-Americans to celebrate their background and heritage.  

While Cinco de Mayo isn’t their independence day per se, the day is a celebration of pride due to the fact that this was the day where the defeated the French in a battle. And although the Mexicans eventually lost the war, the day is still looked back upon as a truly historic day.  

Now, it’s not uncommon for people to enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine on Cinco de Mayo, however when enjoying a mooch on that Chipotle Burrito, think to yourself about the pride the people who invented the idea of that luscious burrito.  

Think about the struggles the Mexicans went through and how proud they are. That is how you enjoy your Cinco de Mayo.

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