Success on the High Seas

by Peter Bloch

Sailing is, by far, the most under-appreciated sport in our school.

Long weekends at far-away regattas aren’t easy, but somehow, they manage to pull it all off — and I would like to dedicate this article towards recognizing the sailors who made it all possible. I talked to Claire S. ‘16 for the inside scoop on how the team runs (or sails for that matter).


The team consists of seniors John P., Thomas P. and Daniel T. (‘16), sophomores Claire S., Ella C., and Ronan W. (‘18), and 8th grader Megan W. (‘20).

In their most recent race this past weekend, the team competed alongside Lincoln in Seattle in the Sail Sand Point Gold regatta. Regarding the travel, Claire S. ‘16 says, “We either travel every weekend, or as much as we can. There’s lots of preparation involved.” Having spent many summers sailing myself, I can attest to the fact that it is not easy to rig, de-rig, and sail in a competitive league.

Despite the harsh conditions, overall, this season has been successful. Although they placed only 9th out of 17 in the districts competition in Bellingham, they are fired up and excited for what lies ahead.

Claire says, she is most excited to crush Lincoln in their next regatta. “It’s because we practice with them,” said Claire, “we race against them three times a week, so we’re all friends.”

“We need more sailors,” says Claire, “We have a full-school team and it looks like it’s going to be growing. You get to meet people from all around Portland. It’s really fun! You can’t stress about both school and sailing.”

Sailing is an easily earned PE credit, and the only requirements are that you sail your heart out, make friends with the competition, and have fun. We all wish the team the best of luck in their upcoming regattas, and hope that they find success on the high seas. Let’s go ‘Varks!


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